Leadership for 2017

A 10-14 member Board of Directors conducts the business of PWN. Board members are elected to serve for three-year terms, with a minimum of four board members elected each year. Applicants for officer and Board positions are solicited by the current Board, recommended by members, or self-nominated, based on applications submitted prior to elections at the November General Membership Meeting each year.

2017 Officers

Kempin_Elaina-2014 Elaina Kempin, President
Tracy Schweiss, President Elect (2018)
 Robin Jackson Robin Jackson Miller, Treasurer
Stacy Mueggenberg  Stacey Mueggenberg, Secretary

2017 Board of Directors

Amy McKelvy  Amy McKelvy
 Carissa Kruse  Carissa Kruse
Holly Zimmerman  Holly Zimmerman
 Jill Beaty Jill Beaty
Kara Carlson Kara Carlson
Laura Kamienski Laura Kamienski
Leslie George 
Holly Webster
kelly Kelly Anderson