PWN Committees

Most PWN members agree that committee work and getting involved is the best way to connect and build relationships. Our committees allow members to follow their passion, share their talents and network on a more personal level with like-minded women.

If you are interested in learning more about a specific committee or becoming a committee member, contact PWN.


The Scholarship Committee exists to act as a steward for the PWN Foundation. Duties may include:

  • Promoting the Scholarship to area higher education institutions and area non-traditional women,
  • Raising funds for the Scholarship Foundation,
  • Reviewing applications submitted for the scholarship and recommending potential recipients to the Board for approval, and
  • Serving as checks and balances for the monthly Change for Change coin drive.

For more information please contact Tracy Schweiss or Holly Zimmerman.

Special Events:

The Special Events Committee exists to build community with our membership, while also attracting potential new members to PWN. Traditionally, this committee plans and runs all tasks related to the Annual Golf Outing.  Duties may include:

  • Creating a yearly programming calendar of events PWN members can attend (and invite guests to). These activities, in turn, will also promote our organization. This may also include special events just for Sustaining Members.
  • In collaboration with the Scholarship Foundation, raise money for the Foundation (through mulligan sales at the golf outing, etc.).

For more information contact Laura Kameinski or Ann Roushar.


The Membership Committee exists to identify prospective new members to PWN and to interact with current members. The membership committee is vital to the growth of the organization. Duties may include:

  • Assisting at the check-in table at functions,
  • Welcoming attendees to functions,
  • Identifying and nurturing prospective new members,
  • Member relations,
  • Staffing booths/tables at area trade shows/networking events, and
  • Membership Drives.

For more information contact Stacey Mueggenberg or Amy McKelvy.

Community Outreach:

The Community Outreach Committee exists to connect the PWN membership and the surrounding community.  This will help us continue our rich tradition of “women helping women.”  Duties may include:

  • Creating a yearly programming calendar of area activities PWN members can support, attend, etc. These activities, in turn, will also promote our organization.
  • Collaborating with other PWN committees for events, fundraisers, membership engagement, etc.
  • Plan and execute at least one collection/donation drive per year that benefits a local agency or non-profit.

Committee currently meets second Tuesday of each month at various locations.


The Board of Directors are responsible for developing a current, interesting and engaging program slate for the upcoming year, including securing a “high caliber speaker” for the March Colleague Event.

Strategic Planning; Ways & Means:

The Board of Directors helps identify areas in need of development, provides direction and leadership, and implements PWN strategic marketing plans. The Board also serves as a knowledgeable resource for providing ideas to raise funds that can be used to help fund PWN’s growth towards helping women. If anyone is interested in sharing their fundraising knowledge (or learning about it) we would love for you to get involved.  Contact any Board Member for more information.