PWN Featured Member: Brenda Markwardt, Office Manager, Diversity Focus

Brenda Markwardt photo (2)Brenda Markwardt is the Office Manager for Diversity Focus. She works closely with CEO/President, Chad Simmons, regarding office communications, staff, events and meetings. Prior to joining Diversity Focus, Brenda was an independent travel agent. She also has a background as a sales executive for the Clarion Hotel & Convention Center, as well as a Human Resources Recruiter Coordinator and a Human Resource Information Systems Coordinator. Brenda earned an Associate of Arts degree in business administration from Kirkwood Community College and has completed coursework in business management at Mount Mercy University.

Brenda shares her story on why she is a member of PWN below:

“I initially joined PWN as part of a new job when I inherited the membership. I’ve stayed in PWN since that time because I like the ease of meeting new people due to the “table seating assignments” at each meeting! This format really forces you to network and meet new people, tho it’s always great to see familiar faces and catch up! I know it can be difficult for women to connect outside of their work environments, so I like the welcoming social aspect of our meetings too.

I believe as a woman, it is important for us to work together to not only stand up for our rights, but to connect with and support other women to help strengthen their journey to accomplishing their goals too – and making some great friends along the way is a super bonus!!”

Brenda is a great champion of PWN; take a moment and introduce yourself at the next meeting on February 25th!

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