Share the Love, Laura Kamienski

To celebrate our 40th year in the community, we are spotlighting impact stories shared from past and present members. Former President of PWN and current PWN Foundation Scholarship President, Laura Kamienski shares her story below.

“PWN is the only networking group that I ever actually got business from. I’ve tried all kinds of groups – the weekly mandatory referrals, the one-per-industry, the good old boys’ clubs – but I got actual referrals that became real business clients from my PWN friends.

I might not have left my first meeting with a list of names, but over time I built real relationships that made people think of me when the time came. And I really do mean it when I call them my PWN “friends.”

When I was new in town, this was a place where I met women I had something in common with. And they’ve supported and celebrated with me through job transitions. It’s great to have someone you can count on to meet you for a glass of wine or order of cheese wontons to work through that issue with your new boss. I just cannot say enough great things about the PWN women!”

Thanks for sharing, Laura. We appreciate you!

If you would like to share the love, email your story to Ann Roushar.