Know Your Numbers-Katie Powell, Savant Tax & Consulting

Katie Powell, PWN 2023 Board Member

You see this phrase and many think, what numbers are you talking about?  Are you thinking about how many people will be at the next event, how many stops will be included for the next trip, or what should your monthly budget be?  These are all important questions however this phrase will be the most important and how it can save your life.

Know Your Numbers is the campaign that the American Heart Association kicked off this year to help women be aware of diabetes and what can be done to prevent it.  This phrase helps you know your body and how you can be a healthier you.  It is important to know your blood sugar levels, blood pressure, blood cholesterol, and body weight.  These key areas will help you achieve your health goals.

The best way to monitor your numbers is to ask your physician at your annual exam to run the tests to start the baseline.  Many people today don’t request this with the concern of additional testing and medical cost however if you have a family history that has had heart disease, diabetes, high cholesterol, etc., you can provide a valuable reason on why you want to know your numbers.  Instead of looking at the out-of-pocket costs, think about the life-changing measures you can take to live a long and healthy life.  Heart disease is the #1 killer in women and diabetes is a factor that causes this.

So, celebrate a healthier you and join the movement to “Know Your Numbers”.  February is Heart month and Friday; February 3rd is the kickoff!  Join us and wear Red to support your fellow women and to all the heart survivors out there.  Share to the world you are celebrating your health and you have made the goal to “Know Your Numbers” in 2023!

For more information on “Know Your Numbers” click on the link below.–treatment-of-diabetes/know-your-health-numbers

Recently diagnosed with diabetes, this website will help you get a better understanding of this disease.