New PWN Perk- BlendCard


PWN has formed a partnership with BlendCard, a business marketing program.

BlendCard allows cardholders access to coupons, loyalty and gift cards to participating local businesses. Customers manage their rewards from one simple dashboard that can be viewed easily from any computer, tablet, or phone.

BlendCard allows local stores to activate their own custom loyalty, marketing, and gift card program while securing placement in thousands of shopper’s hands instantly; while using ONE card. This card also eliminates the frustration of lost punch and gift cards by storing customer property securely in the cloud where it belongs.

This program directly supports the member requests for marketing assistance. A portion of all fees paid are set aside to provide additional marketing of the card itself, which puts participating business names and offers in the pockets of more customers.

BlendCard is based in North Liberty, with participating businesses located in several communities in Iowa’s Creative Corridor.

Interested businesses can contact BlendCard directly at

To leverage your PWN membership for discounted business rates, contact Paul Kongshaug at