PWN Featured Member: Sandra Ahrendsen, Continuous Improvement Specialist, The Gazette Company.

Sandra AhrendsenThis month’s featured PWN Member is Sandra Ahrendsen, Continuous Improvement Specialist at The Gazette Company.

Below Sandra shares her story about how the PWN Scholarship helped her and what she is currently working on professionally.

“I used the PWN scholarship to pay for books primarily. Books range from $20.00 to $200.00 each. Because of the PWN funds my own money was freed up and put towards everyday expenses such as groceries and school supplies for my two children.

I am currently employed at The Gazette Company with the role of Continuous Improvement Specialist and Project Manager. In my role, I serve all business units as a partner and facilitator helping them achieve their business goals.

Without the support from my family, my employer, my friends and organizations such as PWN I wouldn’t be as far along, professionally, as I am today.

PWN provides an excellent opportunity for women in our community to build networks and business partners. I am excited to be part of the group for years to come!”

Say hello to Sandra at the upcoming meeting on September 22nd at the National Czech & Slovak Museum & Library.